Modern Training

Learning & Development strategy and support

Creative Direction & Design

Danny Harms, partner
at Studio DNVR


Matt Nelson, owner of Modern Training & Development


Modern Training & Development is a company based in Loveland, Colorado that creates Learning & Development training content and offers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for clients in industries that include restaurants, retail, logistics, and more.


I met with Matt (Founder & CEO) and his team to learn about their needs, goals, and the previous website's shortcomings. Through this discovery phase, together we aligned on their three key objectives:

Objective 1

Stand out from competitors while feeling at home in the SaaS space

I established an overall website style guide based on Modern Training's current brand style guide, and then illustrated artwork to help potential customers understand what Modern Training offers to their clients.

Objective 2

Clarify product messaging

Modern Training’s original website design overwhelmed users with too much information and an unclear user path. They needed a website that better showcased their high quality products.

Objective 3

Increase conversion rate

I redesigned the user flow and strategically placed clear calls-to-action on every page.

Brand Illustrations


I illustrated artwork for every page of the website, ranging in size from heroes to icons.

Early in the process, we held thorough and deep concept and brainstorming meetings to nail down the high-level concepts.

Icon Set

Website Design


I met with the client to discuss the functional needs of the website and determine what it should to do for the people who visit.

Next, I curated, presented, and discussed moodboards with the client. This helped identify the essence of their ideal website by gathering their input, surfacing insights, and helping align on a creative direction together.


I first created a sitemap to make sure all pages and hierarchy were accounted for. Then I determined content and goals of each page and created user flows—clear ways that the user can accomplish their goals in as few steps as possible.

Style Guide

To keep consistency across the brand, I established a website style guide with brand colors, typefaces, and user interface (UI) elements. I chose a limited palette of hues and balanced them throughout the custom illustrations and UI elements to visually stand out and catch visitors eye to keep them reading about the company and its services.

I handed off our design to Tyler Primmer to develop in Wordpress and launch the website.

Page Design & Layout

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