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Logo & Brand Identity

Consumers have more options than ever before. An original brand identity imbued with its own unique personality will help stand out from your competition and connect with your target audience.

I design comprehensive brand identity systems that go beyond "just a logo" and deliver a full toolkit and brand guidelines to achieve visual consistency for your brand and help it stand out in any medium.

Hero cover image for DHD Downtown Bakery & Creamery case study
Trail Ridge Cattle Company layered on top of a photo with cows grazing in a misty pasture with rolling treelined hills behind
Hero cover image for DHD The Foam Line Local Beer case study
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Web Design & Development

A well-designed user interface (UI) with a seamless user experience (UX) is more important than ever for almost every company in almost every market.

I design user-friendly, accessible, and responsive (automatically reformats to look great on mobile devices) websites that utilize sound search engine optimization (SEO) principles, and stand out with striking brand artwork.

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Event Branding

The goal of event branding is to establish a cohesive brand identity that sets the event apart in the minds of attendees and sponsors. Event organizers can increase attendance, improve the overall experience, and create a lasting impact with an immersive collection of brand visuals.

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Print & Publications

These days print is an often-overlooked medium as seemingly everyone jumps further into the digital dimension, but it still matters and will continue to endure as one of the best ways to communicate long-form ideas that people will carry with them.

From art directing book covers to proofing and press-checks, I manage print design projects from beginning to end.

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Environmental & Vehicle

Immersive, three-dimensional graphic installations—including but not limited to outdoor environments, interior spaces, trade show booths, and vehicle wraps—offer a chance to make a life-size and often larger-than-life visual impact when people observe and interact with your brand in the real world.

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Merch & Apparel

Because merch and apparel bring your brand into direct physical contact with your customers, there may be no more intimate medium for people to connect with your brand.

In addition to potential revenue and passive advertising from customers buying and wearing your merch, branded apparel for employees to wear can provide a sense of teamwork, and also sets up a layer of marketing at your place of business.

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Motion, Digital, & Social Media

Today's social and digital media landscapes are fundamentally visual mediums, where users are served an overwhelming saturation of images.

If your business engages in this medium, you need to stand out. Captivating images are a great way to catch peoples' eye while scrolling their feeds.

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Illustration & Art

Illustration is a vibrant, eye-catching medium that connects with your brand in a deep way, and can simplify complex ideas into effective visual communication.

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