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Portrait photograph of Meghann Naveau

Meghann Naveau

Meghann was Danny's client at Danny Harms Design

I've had the pleasure of knowing Danny since our time as undergrad students at the University of Dayton. Our paths crossed again recently on some work for an Ohio nonprofit. When I saw all the things he's done since our time in college, I was blown away by the depth of Danny's skills and his ability to demonstrate his value to an organization.

He thinks about how his work makes a brand better, a team more efficient, or an execution more seamless. Danny is the epitome of a professional design partner. He offers thoughtful suggestions and makes non-designer's ideas visually better and beautiful. I wholeheartedly believe Danny would be a wonderful addition to any team.

Portrait photograph of Andy Sparhawk

Andy Sparhawk

Andy was Danny's client at Studio DNVR

I knew we would be successful because we were smart enough to choose Studio DNVR for our branding agency. You really just hope that any agency you choose to partner with is trustworthy, professional, and will execute. Studio DNVR delivered on these fronts completely and exceeded our expectations. Whether you're a new business (like we are) or an existing brand, they have the skills, organization, empathy, and character to enhance your entire brand strategy—not just offer a a single element like an new logo or web design.

I had previously worked with Danny at the Brewers Association, and we collaborated on important passion projects of mine. Danny's keen sense of communication through art and graphics—coupled with his innate empathy—proved to be critical to helping me getting my point across through his infographics.

In my experience, outside agencies work in silos (a different building, different schedule, timezone), which works against actually getting together. This was not the case with Studio DNVR because they are masters at making time for you. Throughout the process I knew we were on the right track because of their excellent communication. They answered all my questions and concerns entirely and with empathy.

I'm so excited with the results we got from Studio DNVR and look forward to working with them more in the future. I recommend Studio DNVR because of their organization, professionalism, compassion, and desire to provide our company with the perfect solution and footing for our business to grow.

Portrait photograph of Night Train Veeck

Night Train Veeck

Night Train worked with Danny at the Chicago White Sox in different departments

Working at a ballpark and marketing a team brand provides myriad spaces for design work (physical, environmental, packaging, digital etc.), and Danny handily accentuated each medium's unique nuances. From small design projects and logos to larger scale activations and brand work, Danny takes great pride, care, and effort to create the right piece for the right job. His communication and input is clear, concise, and informed.

His helpfulness, willingness to try new ideas, comfort with being uncomfortable, and innately creative nature make for not only a wonderful designer, but a great addition to any team that would have him. Lastly, his attitude and capacity to have fun while working remain one of his most valuable traits. I fully endorse Danny and his work as both a teammate and friend.

Portrait photograph of Lauren Gambino

Lauren Gambino

Lauren managed Danny directly at The Chicago White Sox in the Creative department

While I was the Manager of Multimedia and Design for the Chicago White Sox, Danny came into a new position on our team with a hunger to learn and a deep passion for design. His talent immediately shined through his work. Through his efficient personal work style, Danny was able to create brilliant projects, but also took time and initiative to improve upon other creative ventures.

Danny is an incredibly talented designer with a strong work ethic, great time management, and high-level leadership skills. Danny has a willingness to always grow, learn, and teach to truly bring out the best in his team. There is no limit to his creativity or his initiative.

Portrait photograph of Kevin Doidge

Kevin Doidge

Kevin worked with Danny at The Brewers Association in different departments

Danny is easy going, flexible, and responsive. I worked with him on sales pieces, and he was always willing to make recommendations that would improve the quality of the end product. Even when challenged with a tight deadline or turnaround, Danny will make every effort to make the request happen.

Danny has a fantastic personality and makes a concerted effort to build genuine relationships with his colleagues. He contributes to build a positive company culture, a very important attribute and priority for me when hiring. Danny is one of the best Graphic Designers I have worked with in my career, and would be an outstanding addition to any organization.

Portrait photograph of Sarah Baldwin

Sarah Baldwin

Sarah worked with Danny at The Brewers Association in the Creative department

Danny is a motivated, endlessly curious, and top-notch designer. I had the pleasure of working with Danny at the BA on the creative team. He is a true champion of ideas and an outstanding problem solver. His meticulous organization brought countless time saving efficiencies to our departmental processes.

He injected new life into our office culture through his perpetual sense of camaraderie, and even founded a company-wide book club. Danny would be true asset to have on any team and I can't recommend him highly enough.

Portrait photograph of Colleen Maxwell

Colleen Maxwell

Colleen worked with Danny at The Chicago White Sox in different departments

Danny is creative, hard working and talented—and is one of those designers that truly just gets it. I worked very closely with Danny at The White Sox, as he did many of our social media graphics. He's a quick (but extremely thorough) worker and I was always blown away with the ideas that he came back with.

He truly does not settle when it comes to his work (he would always take the time to understand exactly what social media platform he was creating for, what would work best there, etc). He always took feedback well and got along with everyone at the office. Danny was truly one of my favorite people to work with at the White Sox and would be more than an asset at any company lucky enough to have someone like him.  

Portrait illustration of Jon Robinson

Jon Robinson

Jon managed Danny directly at The Bloomington-Normal Convention & Visitors Bureau

I was lucky to have Danny as a design intern many years ago, and have the opportunity to watch him develop his skillset and grow into a highly-effective visual designer. Danny and I have continued to stay in touch throughout our careers, always making time to lend each other a hand or word of advice.

He approaches his work intelligently and skillfully, and has always had the attitude of a seasoned professional. Danny has my highest recommendation.

Portrait photograph of Ellen Snipes

Ellen Snipes

Ellen worked with Danny at The Bloomington-Normal Convention & Visitors Bureau in different departments

Danny is a truly talented graphic designer which is evident after even the quickest perusal of his portfolio. I had the pleasure of working with Danny at the Bloomington-Normal Area Convention and Visitors Bureau and he was an invaluable asset to the team—that rare combination of artistic talent, excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to handle multiple projects at once.

Danny also has exceptional interpersonal skills with the ability to cultivate, nurture, and maintain successful business relationships.

Portrait photograph of Katie Oswald

Katie Oswald

Katie was Danny's pro bono client connected through Catchafire

Danny designed the logo for my nonprofit. He did a fantastic job and made the process easy. He made sure the process and the deliverables were clear from the beginning, so I knew what to expect at each phase of the project. He knew what questions to ask so I wasn’t left guessing about what he needed to know to get the work done.

Danny was receptive to all my feedback and incorporated it at each stage of the project, so the logo turned out exactly as I described. We went through two drafts before the final design. I’m really happy with our new logo and Danny was a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend Danny for your logo and other design projects.

Portrait photograph of Cindy Jones

Cindy Jones

Cindy worked with Danny at The Brewers Association in different departments

Danny is super creative and brought many Brewers Association event logos and promotions into modern times. He was able to capture the quality and energy of the Brewers Association's events and messaging. I loved his fresh designs. His work was always spot on and on time.

Danny is also a super fun human to know. He was a wonderful co-worker who loved his work. One of the ways Danny enriched the culture at the Brewers Association was by starting a book club and connecting staff (even remote). He actively pursues new ways to learn, listen and collaborate.

Portrait photograph of Alana Koenig Busey

Alana Koenig-Busey

Alana worked with Danny at The Brewers Association in different departments

Often I would find myself in awe of Danny's creativity. In the time I worked with Danny at the Brewers Association I was very impressed by his adaptability. It isn't often where you work with someone who can turn an idea into a masterpiece.

Danny is down-to-earth, committed, open-minded, and perceptive. Danny would be a true asset for any positions requiring imaginative artistry and polished design.

Portrait photograph of Tom McCrory

Tom McCrory

Tom worked with Danny at The Brewers Association in different departments

I was lucky enough to work directly with Danny on a number of projects during out time together at the Brewers Association. What impressed me most was Danny's willingness to take on projects with little to no creative direction or vision and produce something amazing.

I always knew that if Danny was assigned my project it was going to far exceed my expectations. I fully endorse Danny and his work as both a teammate and friend.

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