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Support Your Local Brewery & Homebrew Shop in response to COVID-19 in 2020


Danny Harms, Senior Designer at
The Brewers Association


The Brewers Association

The Challenge

In response to COVID-19, breweries shifted quickly to alternate purchasing options for their customers.

The Brewers Association creative team created a graphic assets toolkit to help breweries communicate these updates with their customers in a confusing and frightening time.

The Solution

I chose bright and friendly illustration to help lighten people's spirits a bit in an incredibly uncertain and dark time, especially for the beer industry. The custom illustrations also allowed breweries with or without their own branding to utilize the assets alongside their other communication and marketing efforts.

Logos and brand toolkit to help breweries communicate with their customers

The Brewers Association understood from its member breweries that beer delivery and pickup was a newfound sales avenue despite the closure of taprooms and other spaces to the public, so we created marks to quickly communicate that new opportunity.

Social Media Posts

We new people needed something ready to use so they could react quickly to the changing marketplace, and built out a batch of premade social media posts and reels to help messages stand out to their customers.

Press Release

BrandFolder assets toolkit

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